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Before they Sink™


Working along side “Thank you Canada” - “Before they Sink” is a living documentation of one of our most endangered ecosystems. The deep blue waters of our Oceans are dotted by hundreds of thousands of green islands; small pieces of paradise each unique with its own history and natural beauty. Some of these islands rise high up into the sky, while most barely break above the surrounding waves. Unlike our landlocked countries these island nations are now fast becoming ever more threatened by the very element that made them so unique. As glaciers a world over begin to melt and the oceans rise these islands are slowly being swallowed back into the blue.

"Thank you Canada" is a unique, interactive multimedia project whcih started with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017. In this project we will travel across the country to capture and create a visual story about contemporary Canada, its nature, its people, and its life. The final product of "Thank you Canada" will be a bound 600 page extra-large coffee table book; a major interactive photography, multimedia and artifact exhibition traveling through Canada’s cities in 2017, and a feature length documentary film "The Thank you Canada Story"

Thank you Canada™


33 Days Among the Bears™


Since starting work on this book back in 2019 Martin and his team have spent some 30+ days camping in a remote part of the Canadian Arctic, giving us all a never before seen glimpse into the summer lives of one of arctic apex predators, the polar bear. Some of the images and videos you will seen in the book have been awarded  top prizes in some of the worlds leading photography competitions; while other images will tell tales of never before seen polar bear behaviors. Including that of a polar bear and grizzly bear joining forces to hunt beluga whales. Viewers will also have a unique chance to see and read first hand what it was like to camp with these majestic animals, sometimes weeks on end.



The creators of "Thank you Canada" and "Before they Sink" are back documenting a land that is somehow even more inaccessible than the two projects before. "Antarctica" is a living documentation of a fast changing ecosystem that has so far survived and evolved with minimal human intervention. Join us on this visual journey to a paradise locked under ice, a place where wildlife still roams without human contact and most importantly a land that effect each and every one of us. "Antarctica" is a unique, interactive, multimedia presentation celebrating the beauty of our seventh continents wild and cultural wonders.